Qutab Minar on a cloudy day

qutub minar6 qutub minar5 qutub minar

Its been roughly six months since I’ve shifted to Delhi . However it wasn’t until my younger sister visited me here that I got the chance to see this historic city jewel . Flanked by the massive Minar itself , it is a beautiful place to visit , underlining that its not be visited on a sunny day or-else the stony glare and heat might  drive you grumpy and parched . However its a pure architectural/historical delight on a cloudy drizzly day . I would personally not like to write about the history here because the best way is to witness each structure standing there and read about it  simultaneously .

Word of advisory : 1. Please make sure you are wearing closed shoes ’cause the stones are mostly slippery and hot and you definitely don’t need blisters 🙂 . Wearing skin hugging lowers /shirts is highly unrecommended !!

2. Be prepared to embrace a really long ticket counter queue .The counter is across the road just in case you’re wondering how to get to it .

3. Carry some water/soft drink and a light snack because its a long tour inside and you get nothing to munch or sip upon inside .

4. Lastly , donot get there empty stomach or you shall be seriously starved . You don’t really find good food around the place .


One thought on “Qutab Minar on a cloudy day

  1. Hi Vidhi,
    It’s a nice & informative post. I would say to other that do not ignore 3’rd & 4’th advisory.


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